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First-Party Solutions

Customized Solutions to Suit Any Contact Center Need

SWC is the go-to firm for results-oriented, comprehensive accounts receivable management and consumer services solutions.  We have made significant investments in sophisticated technology that enables us to create customized and dynamic campaigns to suit any contact center need.  SWC connects with our clients to resolve any challenges, and deliver successful results.

We develop powerful, customer-service oriented, first-party solutions to meet your business needs. SWC can supplement or replace your internal accounts receivable function by implementing high-performing strategies that are seamless and transparent to you and your customers, all while helping you maintain positive relationships with your customers. We will partner with you to understand your current processes and needs and tailor a program that will allow us to act as an extension of your business, working on your behalf and in your name.

Pre-Collection Solutions

Our strategies for pre-collection services are developed to encourage payment on delinquent accounts while retaining your customers and reducing charge-offs. We take a customer-friendly approach to provide gentle reminders of your customers’ obligation to pay and manage the process for securing payment.  SWC can service the account to create a sense of urgency and financial responsibility for your customers all while maintaining goodwill.

Third-Party Solutions

SWC's extensive third-party collections experience spans 40 years of providing successful  and  comprehensive  services  encompassing  primary,  secondary, tertiary and warehoused accounts.   In addition, we abide by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC’s) “Red Flag” Rules.

Guaranteed Revenue Solutions

SWC is spearheading the industry by providing guaranteed revenue solutions.  We understand the need to increase recoveries of past-due accounts in order to facilitate operations, and by allowing us to obtain and service accounts earlier in the collection process, we are able to increase efficiencies and pass the savings on to you.  Our guaranteed revenue solutions provide the opportunity for you to accelerate and increase revenue, lower operating costs and reduce system-related capital costs.  For information on our guaranteed revenue solution for toll authorities, click here.

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